ABS Updates Scrubber Advisory, Expanding Latest Set of Comprehensive Advisories for Global Sulfur Cap Compliance

(Houston) ABS updated the ABS Advisory on Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems (Scrubber Advisory) providing deeper insights into installation and operational considerations for existing vessels.

“Many in industry are still evaluating their 2020 Global Sulfur Cap compliance options, trying to determine their most cost-effective and operationally suitable solution,” said ABS Senior Vice President Technology and Engineering, Derek Novak. “As the 2020 compliance deadline nears, we are seeing an uptick in new orders for scrubbers for both new construction and existing vessels.”

Installation of exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), commonly referred to as scrubbers, is a potential solution for owners looking to comply with the upcoming requirements. This updated Advisory provides background on the different types of available scrubber technologies along with the associated installation and operational challenges during new construction and retrofitting of existing vessels.

ABS has led the way in helping industry prepare for upcoming air emission requirements. From guidance on scrubbers to advice on gas and low sulfur fuels, ABS covers the full range of compliance solutions.

ABS introduced the world’s first scrubber-ready notation, providing guidance for owners who are planning to retrofit their vessel with a SOx scrubber at a future date. By looking ahead during the design phase and accounting for possible future retrofits, owners are better prepared to cost effectively manage future regulatory requirements. ABS also published the ABS Guide for Exhaust Emission Abatement which applies to vessels fitted with an exhaust emission abatement system, including SOx scrubbers, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems for nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission control.

Last month, ABS released the Advisory on Marine Fuel Oil, providing in-depth technical guidance covering a range of topics, from fuel properties to operational risks to potential preparations. Using this Advisory to understand the implications of different marine fuels, owners and operators can make smarter decisions on the operation of their fleets.

ABS can provide further support by completing a techno-economic analysis of the arrangements. Such studies consider the impact of capital and operating expenses to determine the life cycle cost of the installation, providing critical information to support vessel owners and operators in the decision-making process.

To download the ABS Advisory on Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems visit www.eagle.org.

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