ABS Remote Survey

ABS launches Remote Survey Service

ABS launches a new remote survey service as part of its ongoing commitment to drive safety performance and productivity for clients using digital technologies.

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Adding Flexibility to Survey

ABS continues to pioneer new ways for smarter, efficient, thorough and safe surveying experience to minimize operational interruptions. With ABS Remote Survey, clients can now have 24-hour worldwide coverage from our global network of surveyors.

ABS Remote Survey augments the traditional surveying process by performing surveys without an ABS surveyor’s physical attendance for select surveys. Managing asset costs, reducing down time, and improving scheduling efficiencies in the marine and offshore industry requires fresh solutions to optimize operational performance while maintaining safety and quality. 

Our global workforce of accomplished surveyors and engineers delivers unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness to meet the real-time needs of our clients. Surveying has routinely required eye-witness verification aboard a vessel. However, advances in remote technology, intuitive mobile applications, quick photo documentation, and a connected globe via the internet afford surveyors flexible opportunities to review surveys and collaborate with owners from anywhere at any time.

Quality Survey Made Easy

We’ve made the process to submit a remote survey intuitively easy.

Step 1 – Submit a remote survey request via online webform.

Step 2 – Our dedicated team of surveyors review your request and respond within 24 hours.

Step 3 – Upon approval, receive a link to upload documentation for non-attendance survey.

Step 4 – ABS Surveyors review documentation for survey crediting.

In order to take full advantage of the ABS Remote Survey program for Continuous Machinery Surveys (CMS), we encourage all our clients to apply for the Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) notation. The PMP notation allows owners and operators to maintain their vessels with updated machinery maintenance practices that increase vessel reliability and operational availability. Requirements for the PMP notation are available in ABS Steel Vessel Rules Part 7 Appendix 14. All ABS Remote Survey items are subject to review and acceptance on a case by case basis. 

Remote Survey Types

Continuous Machinery Survey

Only vessels maintaining a PMP notation are eligible for remote Continuous Machinery Surveys (CMS). Preventative Maintenance activities are performed by the crew or a designated party. Vessel maintenance intervals and tasks will follow OEM recommendations or documented operator experience. Through ABS Remote Survey, the owner or operator can provide documentation to ABS for each machinery part item and receive credit without physical ABS Surveyor attendance.

Tail Shaft Survey Three-Month Extension

Any vessel with a Tail Shaft survey is eligible for remote survey. An extension of up to three months may be granted by the surveyor when endorsed by the Chief Engineer. Tail Shaft survey extensions are composed of a visual inspection of all accessible parts of the shafting system, verification of the inboard seal, review of the previous wear down and or clearance recordings, review of service records, review of test records and verification of no reported repairs by grinding or welding. With the ABS Remote Survey program, documentation data can be submitted through ABS’s remote survey portal.

Minor Damage Survey

Minor damages are eligible for remote survey upon ABS review and acceptance. The identified items are to be presented by the authorized representative along with supporting photos, sketches, videos, and measurements. Any items surveyed remotely may require additional examination during the next ABS surveyor attendance onboard or the Annual Survey.

Examples of minor damage:

  • Set-in or fracture that corresponds to 3 points or fewer in accordance with the Inspection Grading Criteria for the ABS Hull Inspection and Maintenance Program
  • Anchor windlass damage provided there is proof the secondary windlass is operating satisfactorily
  • Hopper damage.

Identified structural damages or statutory items may require authorization from the Flag Administration if ABS will not attend. Generally, items affecting primary hull structure, longitudinal strength, watertight/oil tight integrity of hull/boundaries, stability, wastage over allowable limits (buckling, detachment or fracture) will require ABS surveyor physical attendance. 

Rectification for OSR or OSD

Any vessel with an Outstanding Class Recommendation (OSR) or Outstanding Statutory Deficiency (OSD) is eligible for remote survey upon ABS review and acceptance. Examples of items for consideration are replacement parts and equipment requiring periodic servicing. For some instances, OSD remote surveys are subject to flag administration authorization. Designated ABS surveyors will evaluate the request and verification method and advise whether the item qualifies for the ABS Remote Survey program.  

Remote Underwater Examination of Offshore Units

Offshore units may be eligible for remote survey of the underwater portion of the unit for a drydocking survey. Remote underwater surveys require real-time data connection capable of handling audio, video and communication ROV feeds so an ABS surveyor can remotely witness the examination. The examination must be performed by an ABS approved external specialist. See the ABS list of approved external specialists