Portable Accommodation Modules (PAM)

Portable Accommodation Module

ABS offers class and certification services for Portable Accommodation Modules through the ABS Guide for Portable Accommodation Modules. Certification of portable accommodation modules is required for installation aboard ABS classed vessels and installations and may also be required due to safety regulations mandated by statutory authorities. The ABS Guide covers design, construction, installation, and survey of accommodation modules and addresses service intent, structural, piping, electrical, ventilation and fire integrity as well as layout and placement. Class, IMO Solas, IMO 2009 IMO MODU Code and USCG PAM guidance are included in certification assessments as required by location.

Sections of the guide can also be applied to the certification of transient industrial modules used for control stations, machinery spaces, workshops, offices, galleys and mess rooms, laundry spaces, recreation, gym and training rooms as well as entertainment spaces and equipment, storage and supply containers. Higher risk units used in hazardous area service will be reviewed for the specific application.

Benefits of ABS Certification for Portable Accommodation Modules

As the leading offshore classification society, ABS will apply its depth of knowledge to advance the quality of certification services provided for leading offshore containers. ABS is globally positioned to service specialized Portable Accommodation Module markets, manufacturers and operator locations.

The ABS PA Guide provides a comprehensive list of procedures and requirements that align with industry and class standards and flag and coastal jurisdiction requirements.

As an alternative to existing certification services, owners and operators who choose to certify their containers to the ABS Guide for Certification of Offshore Containers will notice:

  • Faster engineering review turnaround time; approximately four (4) weeks for new designs
  • Expedited approvals for additional units built under an approved design
  • Greater surveyor coverage in key areas where modules are typically fabricated including the Gulf of Mexico and UK regions.
  • Time and cost savings for OEMs and operators by providing organized prescriptive requirements by subject
  • Provides clear guidance on class, statutory and USCG requirements
  • Requirements are adaptable modules designed for many different applications

ABS Certification to USCG Requirements

For modules that come under the jurisdiction of the US Coast Guard, the certification process will include review under the USCG CG_ENG Policy Letter No. 01-16 “Portable Accommodation Module Guidance”. The process for certification involves notification by the fabricator to the USCG and ABS is authorized to carry out the review for compliance with the USCG requirements.

ABS Container Recognition

ABS maintains appointments, approvals and registrations through various countries in order to certify containers to international intermodal standards and regulations, which are often requested in addition to certification as a portable accommodation.

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