Offshore Containers

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Offshore Container Certification

ABS offers certification services for offshore containers through the ABS Guide for Certification of Offshore Containers (ABS OC Guide). Certification of an offshore container is often at the request of the owner or operator, but may also be due to safety regulations mandated by local authorities. The ABS OC Guide addresses quality requirements, terms and conditions and markings, as well as provides the procedures and requirements for ABS to certify a container as an offshore container.

Benefits of ABS Certification for Offshore Containers

As the leading offshore classification society, ABS will apply its depth of knowledge to advance the quality of certification services provided for offshore containers. ABS operates globally and already serves many of the markets, manufacturers and locations servicing offshore containers.

The ABS OC Guide provides a comprehensive list of procedures and requirements that align with industry standards and allow for ABS certification of offshore containers.

As an alternative to existing certification services, owners and operators who choose to certify their containers to the ABS Guide for Certification of Offshore Containers will notice:

  • Faster engineering review turnaround time; approximately four (4) weeks for new designs and two (2) business days for additional units built under an approved design
  • Greater surveyor coverage in key areas, such as the Gulf of Mexico. Surveyors are strategically located to quickly assist many of the markets, manufacturers and locations servicing offshore containers.
  • Time and cost savings for OEMs and operators with more realistic Charpy material testing requirements
  • Clear guidance on FEM beam element analysis by defining AISC code checks

For containers that are also to be certified as a portable accommodation, ABS offers the ABS Guide for Portable Accommodation Modules. Additionally, ABS maintains appointments, approvals and registrations through various countries in order to certify containers to international intermodal standards and regulations, which are often requested in addition to certification as an offshore container and/or portable accommodation.

To learn more about ABS OC certification, please contact your local ABS office or email