ABS Celebrates Day of the Seafarer with Contribution to Sailors’ Society

Day of the Seafarer

In honor of the International Maritime Organization’s Day of the Seafarer, ABS matched the money it during Posidonia earlier this month. ABS bought the charity’s blend of BySea coffee as gifts for clients, as well as to serve at the Posidonia exhibition stand. 100% of purchase went to the international maritime charity.

Promoting seafarer safety and wellbeing is a core value of ABS. As Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman, President and CEO, said: “The wellbeing of seafarers and the wider maritime workforce is at the very heart of ABS’s safety mission. We live our mission every day, clearly shown by the safety milestone ABS accomplished in 2017, reaching one year without a work-related lost-time incident. We will mark the IMO’s Day of the Seafarer on Monday, June 25, which is an important opportunity for us all to reflect that—despite the pace of technological change in shipping—everything still depends on the incredible men and women who have dedicated themselves to working at sea.”

There are over 1.6 million seafarers working in the maritime industry with the average seafarer spending nine months at sea over the course of a year. Sailors’ Society works in ports around the globe to provide vital support to mariners and their families. The charity provides medical support, educational grants, and training to seafarers, while also promoting holistic care and keeping families connected while seafarers are abroad.

Seafarer wellbeing starts with a commitment to safety from the maritime industry. ABS is an industry leader in the marine and offshore industries, and has released guidance on safety procedures, workplace design and ergonomics to help protect mariners around the globe. Additionally, the ABS Mariner Personal Safety (MPS) project collects international data on maritime injuries and near-misses to develop benchmarking statistics and relevant training. By promoting safety and security on vessels, ABS continues to foster safe work environments at sea that protects seafarers.

To learn more about Sailors’ Society or donate, visit www.sailors-society.org.

To learn more about BySea Coffee, visit www.bysea.org.