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ABS Holds Two Seminars at the 58th Genoa International Boat Show

Posted on Oct 15, 2018



ABS recently led two yacht seminars at the 58th Genoa International Boat Show in Italy. The first session was entitled “Yacht Efficiency: Propulsion Trends and Hydrodynamic Solutions” and covered the role of computation fluid dynamics (CFD) in yacht design as well as the ABS Class Rules for yachts. Attendees learned the latest hydrodynamic solutions used by industry stakeholders to design fashionable yet efficient yachts.

ABS Regional Business Development Manager Daniele Bottino chaired this seminar, which included various technical experts including prominent naval architects, marine engineers, model basin specialists, engine makers, propeller designers and CFD experts.

As a specialist in assessing CFD design, ABS Regional Business Development Director Christian Schack presented on the role of CFD in modern yacht design.



The afternoon session focused on the impact of comfort in the design of yachts. Bottino presented on the role of ABS as a classification organization in the design phase of a yacht and how designers can achieve a higher level of comfort on-board. To assist yacht designers with comfort design, ABS published its Guide for Comfort on Yachts. His presentation was followed by other marine professionals and measurement specialists working on noise and vibration prediction, modeling and mitigation capabilities.

These sessions were led in conjunction with the Italian Association of Marine Technology (ATENA), the Association of Engineers of Genoa and the Italian Marine Industry Association (UCINA).

ABS recently published its Guidance Notes on Yacht Design and released a new Yacht Structure Assessment software. Tools such as these help streamline and simplify the yacht design and plan approval process.