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In this webinar, Kirsi Tikka, ABS Executive Vice President and Senior Maritime Advisor, will discuss the implications and impacts of the impending IMO Global Sulphur Cap on the shipping industry. Dr. Tikka will examine each of the major 2020 compliance options – scrubbers and compliant fuels – and explore the latest industry trends impacting each.

As shipowners and operators decide on the right compliance options for their fleet, industry needs a clear picture of what is required and their options for compliance. In support of its mission of safety, ABS serves as the industry’s technical connector, bringing the right information together at the right time. We follow regulatory developments closely, continually communicating those changes and developing guidance and solutions that support smarter decisions.

ABS can assist you in identifying your 2020 options and developing smarter compliance strategies. 

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Executive Vice President and
Senior Maritime Advisor
Kirsi Tikka

Kirsi Tikka is Executive Vice President and Senior Maritime Advisor at ABS, responsible for aligning ABS strategic planning, client development, and product and service offerings with the industry’s technical needs and requirements.

Previously, Tikka served as ABS Executive Vice President Global Marine, Europe Division President, and as Vice President and Chief Engineer. Before joining ABS in 2001, Tikka was a professor of Naval Architecture at Webb Institute in New York. In addition to teaching, she carried out research on tanker structural strength and risk analysis, as well as active involvement in the U.S. National Research Council Marine Board studies on double hull tankers. Tikka also worked for Chevron Shipping in San Francisco and Wärtsilä Shipyards in Finland.