Understand Your Performance Profile

ABS can provide services to benchmark energy efficiency performance of vessels. This allows shipowners and managers to identify energy-saving opportunities and make informed decisions applicable from design to operation.

ABS adopts a distinct approach for newbuilding construction. The EEDI metric, a mandatory introduction to propulsion performance evaluation, is supplemented by the application of ABS’ unique benchmarking methodology which could produce a more purposeful comparison between designs of similar capacity at loading condition and speed of interest.

For vessels in service, accurate performance information is often lacking. To assist clients on operational performance management, ABS utilizes a valuable data depository supplemented by public domain statistics. With the application of regression tools, baselines can be created to benchmark existing ship metrics (for example speed/power performance characteristics) against vessels similar in capacity.

Performance benchmarking is an important step in improving a vessel’s operational performance. The process provides information on how the as-built performance characteristics of the vessel are compared with those of its peers and on whether further consideration should be given to retrofit solutions aiming to improve energy efficiency.